In 1974 I began my photographic career.
Below are some of the highlights:

  • First photographer juried into The Boston Mills Art Festival, a premier art show in northeast Ohio

  • Juried into the Cleveland Museum of Arts prestigious May Show (no longer exists)

  • Developed a thriving commercial business, winning several local and national awards for product and editorial work

  • Produced the first website for Playhouse Square Center in Cleveland winning national recognition and awards

  • Have produced for over 30 years educational conferences with International speakers for Orthopedic Surgeons from around the world, started with slide stacks 20' high operated in the dark to a show that is run with remote cameras, a series of 15 computers and a crew of 13 highly trained professionals. As part of the conference we broadcast live surgeries from various hospitals around the country to our meeting room that holds over 1400 people

  • In early 1992 converted my studio from 4 x5 and 8 x 10 film to the first studio in the country to go 100% digital. I was written up in several industry publications

  • Presented at national conferences, talking about the future of digital imaging

  • Early adapter of Photoshop to deliver digital files to clients

  • Worked with a client to develop a system to create 360 degree views of over 2,700 products in three months

  • In 2010 started to create numerous panorama images of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and surrounding area

Passion pushes Marc Braun’s buttons – or, more accurately, clicks his shutter and mouse. Known for high-quality digital imaging services and innovative client solutions, Braun Photographics is built on four decades of pure photographic prowess, technical intelligence, and practical wit & wisdom.

Equally comfortable shooting environmental portraiture, corporate events, tabletop product photography for catalogs, or staging elaborate sets and lighting for prestigious magazine covers, Braun’s eye is the camera’s eye, and each image reveals a point of view. Dimensional, dramatic or simply different - make Braun Photographic’s work sought-after in pixels.

Technology waits for no one. When Braun saw the electronic future of photography, he gave up conventional film for digital imaging – nearly twenty years ago – and has never looked back.

Digital imaging affords accuracy, immediacy and consistency. For commercial purposes, that means capturing high-quality images, more efficiently and affordably. Braun Photographics takes those attributes one step further: thousands of hours of photo shop experience give it a unique edge in delivering imagery that’s customized to each client’s requirements.

In addition to composition and lighting, Braun understands the color theories that transform color for accuracy all the way through to the printed piece. The excellence he brings to his work doesn’t stop when he turns off the camera.



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