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Let the Rambling Begin

I'm new to this blogging thing so please bare with me.  I hope to share some of my experiences while wandering  the local area that encompasses the  Valley National Park running between Akron and Cleveland, OH.  I will also go back and forth between some of the experiences I've had over the last 35+ years of shooting.  It's been a roller coaster ride, like so many other shooters.  From a studio of one to a studio of 8. From 35mm through 8x10 and into the digital world starting back in 1992 when we installed one of the first Leaf systems available in the country.  Since then I've shot nothing but digital and have loved every minute of it.  In addition to doing commercial work I now  spend a good deal of my time capturing panorama images of the area.  Above is one I happened to capture just the other day after we had major rains and flooding caused by rising temperatures and melting snow.  It, like all the other panorama images you can find in the portfolio area, have been shot and produced on my IPhone 4.  How do they hold up?  Well I export them and then print them with an Epson 2880 to 12 x 36, mat and frame them to 16 x 40 and they have been selling as fast as I can produce them.

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